These beautiful services are for everyone and will support your journey into deeper well being.


Champi is an ancient technique that balances the upper four chakras. Done with the receiver sitting in a chair.  Includes the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head, and face. Techniques are used to stimulate, clear, release and open on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Releasing tension around neck & upper back.  Helps to clears over-thinking and mental fogginess. Oils and fragrances may be used. $80.00   *Available for women only at this time.

Gemstone Resonance Chakra Balancing


In this ancient art of gemstone resonance, laying-of-stones,crystals and gemstones are selected and arranged or massaged on thebody’s Marma points to resonate energy, that will help to align and balance the Chakras. 

The vibration delivered by the stones and Beisha, will work to harmonize the body's subtle energy system, which allows mind, body and spirit to restore itself. Remain clothed $80.00


Dans cet ancien art de resonance des pierres, des cristaux et pierres précieuses sont choisies et arrangées ou massés sur les points marma du corps pour faire résonner l'énergie qui aidera à aligner les chakras. La vibration délivrée par les pierres et le praticien va travailler pour harmoniser le système d'énergie subtile du corps, ce qui permet à l'esprit et le corps à se rétablir. $80.00



Craniosacral work

A gentle form of bodywork with a hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body.  Aids in releasing restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system accessing the parasympathetic state in order to

deeply rest and replenish.

It works with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid between the head and the base of the spine.  It helps to identify imbalances and unresolved issues within your body, locating primary holding patterns which maybe new or very old. They may be causing you pain or not. Your imbalances might arise from past accidents or falls, habitual posture, headaches, digestive problems, stress from work, relationships or family life. They are slowly moving your body away from its normal balanced functioning. The treatment will help to identify and unravel your layers of restriction and patterning within your body, boosting and helping to activate your own body’s inherent self-healing system, aiding rebalance, realignment, relaxation. $70.00

Silicone & Dry Cupping

A bodywork technique used for thousands of years to aid in releiving musculoskeletal tightness, blood stagnation in the body, celullite and reduce inflamation.   A decompression technique, cups are placed over the body and a vacuum is created in the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue up toward the surface.  Producing a relaxation and well being. $70.00

The Beisha Method

Personalized bodywork to support ones journey into deep relaxation and well being to help sooth and restore the nervous system, which incorporates Gemmstones, chakra balancing and cranial sacral work. $85.00

Ayurvedic Facial

Pearls, rubies, and diamonds oh my...what more could a girl ask for!  A beautiful alchemy to reveal youthful inner and outer beauty.  Freshly prepared for your individual Dosha, your face, neck and eye area will be purified, nourished and rejuvinated. Then with the use of gemstones and sea shells, and silicone cupping the marma point massage will smooth away facial tensions, rejuvinate collagen production and rebalance your skin, while selected crystals will be arranged on yourbody to balance your chakras. Organic oils, essential oils, tropical fruits, and precious mineral and gemstone elixirs will illuminate your skin while alinging mind, body and spirit.  

Your true beauty will radiate and shine. $90.00

Professional Holistic Haircut

The sacred knowledge of inner & outer beauty requires

the whole person to become part of the process, mind, body and spirit.Unveil your Natural beauty and allow your Self to unfold. In this special haircut process:  We focus on letting go 

of what no longer serves you, and receiving the gifts 

that are coming to you. Your hair is alive & filled with energy and vibrations.  We discover your hairs unique expression, by moving away from the artificial and discovering your natural essence.  This service helps guide you in the journey of loving Self care.


  • Ayurvedic Dosha is considered

  • Lunar, seasonal & style consideration for length

  • Complimenting natural directional hair growth is considered

  • The consultation, personal intention setting & card reading 

  • Releasing old blocked energy through meridian points with oils on the skin 

  • The cutting, sculpting and care of the hair to illuminate Natural beauty

  • Reccomendations for Natural home hair care


How you care for your hair, is how you care for yourself.  

How you do anything, is how you do everything.


Working with and teaching for companies who are aligned with Nature like Aveda, as a Licenced Redseal stylist, since 2000, Beisha has Mastered her craft in caring for people and their hair. Her work in the industry brought her to colaborate alongside many amazing stylists in places like Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. Her talent for designing personalized hairstyles along with her experties and passion in Ayurveda allow her to bring out both your Natural Inner and Outer Beauty while caring for your mind, body and spirit.  *Only natural Ayurvedic products are used.




Dévoilez votre beauté naturelle et votre Soi. 

Vos cheveux sont vivants et rempli d'énergie et les vibrations. 

 Comment vous traitez vos cheveux, est comment vous vous traitez. Comment vous faites quoi que ce soit, est comment vous faites tou. Cette expérience de coupe de cheveux spéciale, éclaire vos cheveux etpermet de vous guider dans votre voyage de soi.   


  • Considérons votre Dosha Ayurvedic 

  • Considérons lunaire et la saison pour la longueur 

  • La croissance naturelle des cheveux

  • La consultation 

  • D' intention personnelle et des carte spirituel,

  • Relâchant l'énergie bloquée vieux travers les points méridiens avec des huiles sur la peau 

  • La coupe et soins des cheveux pour ouvrir votre beauté naturelle

  • Finissant avec des reccomendations naturel pour soins des cheveux


Travailler avec et de l'enseignement pour les entreprises qui sont alignés avec la nature comme Aveda, en tant que styliste Licence Redseal , depuis 2000, Beisha a maîtrisé son art dans les soins pour les personnes et les cheveux . Son travail dans l'industrie l'a amenée à colaborer aux côtés de nombreux stylistes incroyables dans des endroits comme Toronto , Calgary et Montréal. Son talent pour la conception de coiffures personnalisées avec ses experties et passion dans l'Ayurveda lui permettre de mettre en évidence à la fois votre intérieur beauté et l'extérieure, tout en prenant soin de votre corps et l'esprit . 

80,00 $

* Les produits ayurvédiques seulement naturels sont utilisés

Yoga Classes


Perform Gym, 

Concordia University,

NDG, Montreal

*Classes will be updated as per reopening, stay tuned


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