Beisha Studio is a Yoga and Ayurvedic inspired

sacred space situated in the heart of the Plateau

in Montreal.  Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences

steming from Indias wellness traditions.  Here you

are welcome to explore self care, mind body and spirit.  From Ayurvedic naturopathic consultations, Ayurvedic nurturing sessions, Yoga classes & Yogic tea and educational workshops, there is something for everyone.





     "The Champi has definetely opened space in my body as much as in my spirit, I feel limitless today. My level of confidence is also higher up. I am moving forward experiencing a transformation in my inner self as removing weight I have been carrying for so long. You are a bless in my life Beisha, I deeply thank you for your help and knowledge. Thank you for the Ayurvedic Recommandation, I am going to print them and preciously keep them with me. " -  Elizabeth  Jan. 2014  


     "The Champi with Beisha was not only a wonderful and relaxing experience, 

it made me travel to a world of wisdom to help me discover my inner soul, my inner needs. I am so grateful to life to have found her on my path". She is Grace." - Suzanne Auger  June 2014       

     "The experience was wonderful with you.  Exactly what I needed..." -Natalie.  After having a Holistic Spiritual Hairdress with Beisha Oct.2014