Skype-Ayurveda Consultation

  • Skype-Ayurveda consultation (2 sessions included)

    (First session)
    Ayurveda is an ancient wellness science that stems from India. It’s a beautiful
    system that guides and nurtures us back into balance within natures cycles
    and rhythms. Detailed lifestyle instructions and care are offered, based on the individual’s physical, mental & emotional imbalances, as well as their born constitution (vikrity and pracrity). This is learned through holistic inquiries as well as tongue & pulse observation. (1 hour) Payment before first session.

    (Second session)
    Following the Initial consultation, we will skype-meet for the rec. session . Recommendations will be explained, techniques may be demonstrated
    and any questions may be answered. This may include; food & nutrition recommendations, sesonal detoxification, herbals, gemstone, champi, Shirodhara,
    daily & seasonal routines, self-massage, meditation, mudras, mantras, pranayama breathing, color & sound therapy, Yoga asanas and aromatherapy. (30 min.)