What is Ayurveda?  How does a consultation work? 

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Ayurveda is recognized by the world health organization (WHO) as the oldest comprehensive health care system.  Originating from India's Vedic system of knowledge, Ayurveda is the science that guides the mind, body and spirit into harmony within the cycles and rhythms of nature. Ayurveda works by looking at the root causes of dis-ease and focuses on rebalancing and preventing.

It's science explains how everything and everyone is made of a unique combination of the elements: air, fire, earth, water and space. These elements combine in the body to form three life forces, called doshas: vata, kapha, and pitta. Stress may cause an imbalanced dosha in someone and disturbs the natural flow of vital energy. This may effect many aspects of a person, like digestion for example, which then allow the build up of toxins to accumulate (ama).

An initial assessment, Beisha will conduct holistic inquiries about your health, diet, lifestyle etc. 

After the assessment, she will determine your unique balance of doshas (Vicrity). One dosha is usually dominant and may be imbalanced (Prakut). After the assessment, she will create an individualized plan including diet, exercise, herbs, yoga, meditation etc... to help restore balance. $100.00 Virtual appointment available at this time, inquire for more info, quick response.

L’ayurvéda est une ancienne science du bien-être qui a pris ses racines en Inde et qui sert à rétablir un équilibre dans nos cycles et nos rythmes naturels.  Des soins et des instructions détaillées sur le mode de vie sont offerts sur base des

déséquilibres individuels mentaux et émotionnels, ainsi que sur les constitutions innées de chacun vikrity and pracrity. Cette évaluation provient d’un examen holistique et de l’observation du pouls et de la langue. Les recommendations

peuvent inclure: la nutrition, la désintoxication, la phytothérapie, la thérapie marma des pierres précieuses, les routines quotidiennes & saisonnières, l'automassage, champi, la méditation, les mudras, les mantras, la respiration pranayama, la thérapie des couleurs & du son, les asanas de yoga et l'aromathérapie.$100.00

Beisha Melissa

Licensed Naturopath since 2012, specializing in Ayurveda.  

Certified Ayurvedic practitioner, Gemstone Resonance practitioner, Craniosacral certified, Yoga instructor, Licensed Redseal Aveda hairstylist since 2000. Trained for many years with Anita Sharma, a 4rth generation Ayurvedic Vidya from India, a 2nd generation Gemologist from Thailand and a healing therapist of 30 years from Mexico. 

Beisha es une Naturothérapist depuis 2012, spécialisé en Ayurveda.  Elle es un practitoner Ayurvédique certifié, instructeur de Yoga certifié, practitoner de Resonance des pierres certifié, Craniosacral certifié, Aveda certifié depuis 2000 .Elle a formé ses études pendant des années avec une 4e génération Vidya Ayurvédique de l'Inde et une 2ème génération Gemmologue de Thaïlandeen et une therapist de 30 année de Mexique.  


"The Champi has definetely opened space in my body as much as in my spirit, I feel limitless today. My level of confidence is also higher up. I am moving forward experiencing a transformation in my inner self as removing weight I have been carrying for so long. You are a bless in my life Beisha, I deeply thank you for your help and knowledge. Thank you for the Ayurvedic Recommandation, I am going to print them and preciously keep them with me. " -  Elizabeth  Jan. 2014  


     "The Champi with Beisha was not only a wonderful and relaxing experience, 

it made me travel to a world of wisdom to help me discover my inner soul, my inner needs. I am so grateful to life to have found her on my path". She is Grace." - Suzanne Auger  June 2014       

     "The experience was wonderful with you.  Exactly what I needed..." -Natalie.  After having a Holistic Spiritual Hairdress with Beisha Oct.2014 


  "...adore ta douceur, le massage au debut, style different et interessant, tu es chouette et charmante..." - Student coments after first Yin Hatha mix Yoga class with Beisha @Egregore Studio 2018

     "You are my teacher, my spiritual guide and my inspiration. Thanks for giving me the skills to do self-massage and postures at home." - Mischa, student from Beisha's Yin Yoga class @Concordia University  2018

     "...for the first time, since the day I was born, during the class I felt that... it's me & my body...together till the end..." - A student with Fibromyalgia, Beisha's Yin Yoga@ Equilibrium studio 2014












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